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A unique QR code contactless payment system for donors to make cashless donations to your charity

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Benefits of using Evershare

No credit/debit card fees
No set up fee
No card reader required
Instant bank-to-bank payments
Ultra low cost

Fully Automated Gift Aid Declarations

How does Swiftaid work?

Swiftaid is an automated Gift Aid network that enables Gift Aid to flow effortlessly from donors, to HMRC, to charities

  • Matches a donor to their donation
  • Creates a Gift Aid declaration
  • Sends a claim to HMRC
  • Keeps a record of all declarations and claims
  • GDPR requirements and HMRC auditing
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Why use Evershare?

Evershare uses bank to bank cashless payments which are protected by two layers of security.

No new bank accounts are needed as the payments and donations pass straight from your donor to your bank account.

Our service works with every major UK bank and Evershare has no access to this payment flow.

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